Building the Workshop

Making the Clay Bricks


Digging out and constructing Foundations


Foundations Completed!!

After the delivery of the solar equipment needed to electrify the village of Karambi it was necessary to construct a building to be used to store the equipment, act a workshop and, be used as the focal point for both storing spare parts and as a workshop for fixing broken equipment.

Work was slow to start as the rainy season hampered the making of the clay bricks but was supported by students from the nearby ETO Nyamata School where RUGO undertook a previous project. The students put in a huge effort and, indeed, after their exams, they should have gone home but stayed behind to help with the building work.

Taking a Well Earned Break!

Eugene, the village leader, has also proved to be very good at organising work, bringing in outside expertise when needed, and organising the villagers themselves for other work.

The foundations were laid, the walls built and the roof put on. The doors and windows were purchased and installed. The cement and sand was purchased in September 2012 for rendering the outside walls and completed in early October.

For the inside walls local clay was used to plaster, levelling the floor and putting sheeting on the floor until funds could be raised for the plastering / cement work. RUGO have funded the outside rendering since this was essential to avoid risk of rain damage.

Then the equipment was moved to the new building and the electrification of the village began in earnest.

The Workshop almost completed 27th Spetember 2012

Wall Construction

Wall Construction


Wall Construction