First Pilot House Electrification




Having raised funds, identified the “Solar Grannies”, sent them for training at The Barefoot College in India for six months, and ordered and shipped the equipment, the first steps were undertaken by “Lighting Up” two houses as a Pilot Exercise in the Solar Project for Karambi Village.


Jeanette the owner of the Pilot House with its New Solar Panel on the Roof

The exercise was undertaken to familiarise the “Solar Grannies” with undertaking the work in their own village and to demonstrate to the other villagers in Karambi the benefits of the electrification. This was followed up by converting a second house.

All this was taking place whilst a workshop was being built to house all the equipment which was being stored in Nyamata. With the heavy rains, the building of the workshop proved more difficult than anticipated and took far longer than expected mainly because the hand made bricks got soaked and then could not be used.


To see the building of the Workshop click here