Karambi Solar Project


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In Rwanda darkness falls at six pm and lasts twelve hours. For rural villagers, with no electricity, studying and working in the evening is difficult, and venturing outside in the pitch black can be hazardous. Any light is provided by kerosene lamps which are dangerous and cause fires and accidents.

The remote village of Karambi, in Nyamata sector, is such a village. RUGO working in collaboration with Bunker Roy, founder of the Barefoot College in India, and the Rwanda Women’s Network have completed a project to provide solar power to the village in a sustainable manner.

RUGO raised over £30,000 for equipment to provide solar power to Karambi’s 110 homes: a solar panel for each house to power two fixed lights inside and charge both a portable lantern and the invaluable mobile phone.

An overview of the project can be downloaded by clicking here

Please help us to continue to light up homes in Rwanda. You can pledge any amount or for a donation of £250 we can light up a house. We are currently raising additional funds to help to extend the Karambi workshop so that in addition to maintaining the solar equipment in the village we can begin to provide training to other “solar grannies” to provide solar power to other villages

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Being trained at The Barefoot College